When starting out with angular-cli and bootstrap or material design, it’s not always straight forward how you should have your project setup to maximize flexibility and ease of component development.

In this tutorial I will show you my setup and why I’ve chosen this layout.

Lets start with the basics

ng new --skip-cli --style scss myapp
cd myapp

Note I’m assuming you installed the latest yarn and angular-cli

Next we’ll want to add bootstrap 4 and font-awesome

yarn add bootstrap@4.0.0-alpha.6
yarn add font-awesome

Setup bootstrap and app styles

By default angular-cli adds a styles.scss file in the src folder, but since we are going to have multiple scss files we’ll create a folder named src/styles/ We’ll also want to split our vendor styles into it’s own file. That way webpack won’t have to work as hard regenerating bootstrap’s scss files on every change.

In angular-cli.json change styles to be an array with two paths:

"styles": [

Lets start by creating src/styles/vendor.scss. Navigate to node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss and copy the contents of that file to your vendor.scss.

We now need to change all the paths to point to node_modules. Sass has a shortcut for that:

@import "reboot";
// Becomes
@import "~bootstrap/scss/reboot";

At the top of the bootstrap imports we have variables and mixins. By having our own variables file imported at the beginning of the file, we will be able to override any bootstrap variable.

Add src/styles/_variables.scss and add it as an import at the top of vendor.scss

@import "variables";

To see all available variables navigate to node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss

We are now set for bootstrap development.

Start with enabling a few of the modules, and as time goes by you might want to include more and more. But by doing it this way you won’t include more of bootstrap than you are using.

Font Awesome

The same process goes for including font-awesome in your build.

At the bottom of the vendor.scss file simply add scss $fa-font-path: "~font-awesome/fonts"; @import "~font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";

Webpack will automatically find the referenced font files and include them in the output.

The demo project is available here github.com/leon/blog-angular-cli-bootstrap-font-awesome